No More Heroes 3, the Travis Touchdown action blockbuster, which was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, has only been in stores for a few days. The development studio behind the title has therefore not stood still. On the contrary: Grasshopper Manufactures has long since had the next irons in the oven.

Gōichi Suda is best known online as Suda51 and the head of the studio. Not only are new IPs burning under his fingernails, the game developer would also really like to collaborate with Marvel, ideally with the anti-hero with the loose mouth, Deadpool himself.

New projects and dreams

In one Interview with IGN Japan Suda revealed not only a few things about current projects, but also what else he would like to work on. WCCFTech Kindly provided an English translation that was published by Ishaan Sahdev originates. Suda answered as follows what the further plans of Grasshopper Manufactures look like:

“The general answer is that we already have some projects [in Entwicklung] to have. In the next 10 years we have three stand-alone IPs that we are working on and which are already planned. So you can definitely look forward to new, interesting and independent IPs from Grasshopper. “

During the interview, however, Suda was also asked what other than current projects he would like to work on: “Of course we have other plans and are working hard on them […] to bring them to life. But when I think about things I would like to do: I would love to work with Marvel, for example on a Shatterstar or Deadpool [Projekt] – or anything that would go well with Grasshopper. Maybe a Quicksilver title or something like that. So Marvel. “

Suda’s previous work definitely fits Deadpool, because with the No More Heroes series he has definitely proven his knack for wacky and unconventional action. It is unlikely that one can hope for such a title. After all, Marvel isn’t necessarily extremely generous with their own characters and franchises.

Last but not least, Suda was asked how and if the series would continue after No More Heros 3: “I can’t really answer yes or no to whether there will be another title in the No More Heroes franchise. The IP has returned to Marvelous, so no one knows what’s going to happen next. That’s all I really want to do with it can say.” So fans should keep their fingers crossed, but they can now rock the living room with the third part.

Sources: IGN Japan / WCCFTech

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