The action adventure The Last of Us Part 2 received dream ratings from the game press. But on Metacritic the user score is only 4.9 out of 10 points. After the release, a review bombing took place, which was partly related to the depiction of homosexuality in the game, but also reflected the disappointment of some players with the course of the plot and the development of the characters. Neil Druckmann, Game Director at Naughty Dog, has now commented on this situation.

Game Director does not understand some of the players' reactions

In a podcast with former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime, Druckmann said it was useless to take on players who want to express their opinions. He also doesn't understand how some can get so excited about fictional characters.

"I think you have to create a certain separation to say: we made this game, we believe in this game, we are proud of this game, now it is outside, and it is that every reaction of people – whether they like it or not – is fair, "explained Druckmann. "This is their reaction and you don't resist it. The other thing with the hateful stuff, the more hideous stuff, is a little more difficult. It is especially difficult when I see it happen to team members or characters from the cast of characters, who play a certain character in the game. "

Druckmann continues: "We have an actress who, because of a fictional character who embodies her in the game, experiences really terrible, hideous things. It is difficult for me to come to terms with it. I try to ignore it as best I can. When things get escalating and serious, there are certain security protocols that we adhere to, and I report it to the appropriate authorities, so you just try to focus on the positive and distract yourself with other things, but that's kind of simply the reality. "

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Source: Podcast

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