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In the future, you may have to clear up more space on your SSDs and hard drives to play games with Unreal Engine 5. According to a developer, Naninte technology is causing game files to grow significantly larger.

Games which the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 will look significantly better thanks to Naninte technology. This is because models with millions of polygons can be used, such as those used for CGI elements in films. But that has its price.

Games with UE5 could take up a lot of hard disk space

Enormously detailed models are said to be with the Unreal Engine (buy now) 5 does not lead to a performance drop, but it does drive up the file sizes of games. Ryan Shah, CEO and chief programmer at Kitatus and Friends, explains: "It looks absolutely fantastic. Especially the Nanite system, after which I had to lift my jaw off the floor. The system takes away a lot of the worry about creating assets but at the same time there are other concerns, and one of the examples is Call of Duty Warzone when players criticize Activision for the size of Call of Duty Warzone, and I think if we now have technologies in Unreal Engine 5 that we can Allowing the original source meshes to be used with the original source textures and all of these things will require the file sizes of such games to skyrocket, which presents some special challenges. "

If you consider that Call of Duty Warzone now takes up almost 180 GB of space on the hard drives and 50 GB or more of new content has to be downloaded in the new season, this can make you afraid of how the downloads of such games will be in the future look and how much space the games need on the hard drive. But the titles should then also look much better.

Source: WCCFTech

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