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The developers of the underwater action game Aquanox: Deep Descent have reported on the status of the title. Basically the game is finished, but there is still a lot of feedback from the testers before the release.

Last summer it was said that Aquanox: Deep Descent basically finished and will be available before the end of 2019. But nothing came of it and there was radio silence until the beginning of the year. Now there is further feedback from the developers, who clarify the situation around the underwater game.

The game is further optimized

Aquanox: Deep Descent is actually done. However, the last test version brought in so much feedback that publisher THQ Nordic said that the developers should implement a lot of it before the release. And that's exactly what the studio is currently working on. You try to incorporate as much of this feedback as possible into the game so that you end up with a really good product. The adjustments include improvements to the UI, the AI ​​and the individualization of the ships. You can also choose between several levels of difficulty. Other weapons are also integrated. The team also improves the sounds and graphics in the game.

The developers apologize for the radio silence and promise improvement. In the future, people want to speak to the community again and inform them about the current state of affairs. A new release date for Aquanox: Deep Descent (buy now) the team did not yet name.

Source: Backer Info

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