Game prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X could rise – what does that mean for microtransactions? – Current games

from Andreas Bertits
The next-gen version of NBA 2K21 will cost more than one game for PS4 and Xbox Series X, and could kick off a trend for generally higher game prices. But what impact could this have on microtransactions?

Game companies repeatedly argue that microtransactions are often necessary to offset the ever increasing production costs of modern video games. The price of the games themselves is obviously not enough here. But what if it increases?

Micro transactions continue despite higher game prices?

NBA 2K21 is said to be on PS5 (buy now) and Xbox Series X Cost $ 69.99. That's $ 10 more than PS4 and Xbox One games currently cost. There were rumors that other developers and publishers want to follow suit. So it could well be that games for the next-gen consoles are more expensive than the products for the current generation.

Basically, companies get what they want. Compensation for the rising production costs of games. This would actually mean that microtransactions are no longer necessary, would it? This will most likely remain wishful thinking and companies will continue to charge money for microtransactions despite higher game prices. After all, the sale of skins and booster packs has become "naturalized". Not a few players accept spending a little money on additional items every now and then.

Still, of course, it feels a bit like a blow to the stomach. Games are becoming more expensive, but instead of abolishing microtransactions, they are still there. After all, further resistance is stirring and in England, for example, there are discussions again about whether loot boxes are not covered by the Gambling Act. Should that happen and other countries might follow suit, then at least we could no longer see such items in the future.

It will also be interesting to see how the corona crisis will affect the gaming industry in the long term. She is currently benefiting from this as more is played due to lockdowns and short-time work. People want to be entertained to get through the hard times. But what if the belt has to be tightened more and more people at some point? Do players want to spend $ 70 on a new title and be asked to pay for microtransactions? Then it will be exciting to see how the gaming industry reacts.

Source: Gamingbolt

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