The Taiwanese Chen Sanyuan has already attracted attention in the past with his portable "Pokémon Go" multitasking construction. His latest set-up, however, overshadows everything that has gone before.

Pokémon GO

In 2018, the "Pokémon Go" community first became aware of Chen Sanyuan. The then 70-year-old grandfather from Taiwan became known thanks to some pictures that showed him with a portable device, thanks to which he was able to play Pokémon Go on 11 mobile phones simultaneously. It's been two years since then – and Chen has obviously used the time to expand.

"Pokémon Go" grandpa is expanding his gaming set-up tremendously

While the eleven cell phones from his early days were remarkable, Chen has obviously never been satisfied with them. The gamer grandfather had attached 22 ZenFones to his bike last year thanks to a partnership with Asus. However, this number has now almost tripled.

As this picture proves, the construction on Chen's bike now holds a total of 64 mobile phones on which he can catch Pokémon.

"Pokémon Go" Grandpa: A real Pokémon Master Trainer

Chen Sanyuan's passion for Pokémon Go becomes clear in these pictures – but we can think of a few other questions. How does Chen ride a bike with this set-up? Isn't the construction a traffic risk? And how does he operate all 64 screens simultaneously while standing?

Even if these questions are still going to take our sleep today, we find Chen's construction so fascinating precisely because it seems to simply ignore all physical and logical limits.

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How many cell phones will Chen Sanyuan be able to attach to his bike? Will he even get into the three-digit range in his Pokémon hunt? Tell us your opinion in the comments?