The 17-year-old Briton Aiden Jackson was pretty lucky that his teammate in Texas quickly realized that something was wrong with Aiden.

Although the two are separated by an ocean: Texan Dia Lathora quickly understood that her British teammate was not doing well. Aidan actually had a stroke, Sky News reports how Dia saved her boyfriend's life.

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While playing with Dia, Aidan started to feel unwell and lay down on his bed for a moment. So that the two could continue to talk, he turned his microphone towards the bed. After a short time, however, Aiden was no longer accessible and Dia decided to contact the police in England from Texas, You can hear the recording of the call in the Sky report.

Aidan's parents were one floor down and didn't notice the stroke at all. It was only when the police and an ambulance were at the door that they learned that there was one at their address "Unresponsive male person" gave.

Aidan only woke up when the emergency doctor and police were already in his room. While still in hospital, Aidan grabbed his mother's tablet to promise Dia that he was fine and to thank her.

In the case of a stroke, time is a crucial factor in helping the person concerned. If Dia hadn't reacted so quickly, worse things could have happened to Aiden, possibly the incident would have cost him his life. A gaming friendship could save a life over several thousand kilometers.

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