Gamers complain about annoying controller errors

First the PS5 struggled with controller problems, now the Xbox Series X seems to have gotten it too. The error causes frustration and annoying moments for the players. Microsoft responds and promises that the problem will be addressed.

Xbox Series X

Xbox causes problems: New controller occasionally disconnects from the console

Microsoft's new next-gen consoles Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have been on the market for almost two months. Now some players in the more powerful Series X version have reported a problem with their controller: The connection between the input device and the console breaks for some inexplicable reason.

The phenomenon occurs at different times for the players. Sometimes starting a certain game seems to be the trigger, with other players the connection is already lost in the console's dashboard. Some also report problems encountered while gaming. The corresponding problem thread in the Microsoft forum now comprises more than 40 pages.

We have summarized all information and differences between Xbox Series S and Series X in the video for you:

Xbox controller connection problems: Microsoft is working on a solution

While some gamers report that turning the controller back on is enough to reconnect it to the console, other gamers seem to have bigger problems. You cannot reconnect the controller to the console until you have re-paired the controller and console. Some console gamers even seem to have to remove the batteries from their controller and unplug the console for several seconds to temporarily fix the problem. So far there is no permanent solution to the error.

Reading tip

Robert Kohlick05/11/2020

This is already being worked on, as if from one official Microsoft statement it emerges:

“We are investigating the problem, but at this point in time there is no known timetable for a solution. If this problem occurs, do a hard reset by pressing and holding the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds, and then releasing it after the device turns off. After switching on the console again, the controllers should be functional again. "

It is not yet known when console players can expect a controller or console update that will fix the problem. The mistake has been around for a while the search for a solution seems to be difficult for Microsoft. GIGA will keep you up to date on this.