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In addition to a new generation of consoles, the new year also brings a lot of potential highlights – we will introduce you to the most important ones, of course for all common platforms. With: Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us: Part 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Star Citizen, Resident Evil 3, Doom Eternal, Dark Alliance and many more.

More previews:

Digimon Survive, Shovel Knight Dig

Games Aktuell 02/20 with the highlights of the coming year

Games Aktuell 02/20 with the highlights of the coming year

Source: PC games

In the run-up, the former Kickstarter project made headlines that the planned Steam release now became a time-limited Epic exclusivity. In the test, of course, we primarily clarify whether XCOM inventor Julian Gollop's new tactical work can compete with the well-known role model.

In the test: Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

For many years, potential commanders had to wait for a new action simulation in the Battletech universe, now the time has finally come. Our Timber Wolfgang swung himself into one of the steel towers and put the PC-exclusive sci-fi title through its paces.

In the test: Life is Strange 2

With the last episode of the adventure, Dontnod really took his time – especially compared to the first part of the series, which was clocked much faster. In our test, our puzzle expert Matthias will tell you whether the wait was worth it.

In the test: Dr. Kawashima's brain jogging

On the 3DS, every owner has probably taken part in Nintendo mind training – and made an effort until the youth was certified. Now switch owners can finally get their brains up to speed with various training programs and mini-games!

More tests:
Lost Ember, Arise: A Simple Story, Transport Fever 2, Unity of Command 2, Mad Games Tycoon, Blacksad: Under the Skin, Tools Up !, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, Bee Simulator, New Super Lucky's Tale, The Stretchers, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

Special: celebrities in video games

Many games have not only recently been attracted by the prominent visages of Hollywood stars and starlets. In our special we present the … ahem … most prominent examples and explore why both sides can benefit from such cooperation.

Special: Icons of the Game Industry, Part 2: Warren Spector

Deus Ex, System Shock. You don't have to do much more to illustrate the importance of Warren Spector for (sci-fi) video games. In the second part of our series we tell you how the New Yorker started and what milestones he still worked on.

Other specials:
Social criticism in video games, C64: thoughts and anecdotes about the "bread box", column: Get rid of the outdated genius idea!

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Source: PC games

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