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Preview: Valheim

It is the steam hit of the young year – Valheim is taking players' hearts by storm. But why is the classic survival game so popular? We clarify this question in our large Early Access preview, for which we spent countless hours in the fascinating game world. You can also look forward to extensive tips & tricks!

Preview: Roller Champions

Why do sports games always have to be so dry? This is probably what the makers of Roller Champions thought, and instead of a simulation, they deliver a rollerblade version that is motley and anything but realistic. Drive laps, score goals, have fun – that is what the title promises. But can he keep it up? We played in.

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In the test: Little Nightmares 2

Small child in a big, scary world – this principle just works in horror games again and again, and even if Little Nightmares 2 is by no means creative with this recipe, it is still an absolute recommendation for genre fans. You can find out why and what it does better than the buggy predecessor here.

In the test: Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 meets Dynasty Warriors – that not only describes how Persona 5 Strikers feels, but actually is the case. The developers at Koei Tecmo are once again combining the gameplay of their slaughter plate series with a well-known brand, and the result is really impressive. The test explains why Persona 5 Strikers on this side of Hyrule Warriors is the best collaboration so far.

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Games Aktuell 04/2021: With mega hit Valheim, Persona 5 Strikers and more! (1)

Games Aktuell 04/2021: With mega hit Valheim, Persona 5 Strikers and more! (1)

Source: Games Aktuell

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Special: Early Access – An inventory

It is now completely normal that we buy games before they are even finished – thanks to Early Access, and our cover story Valheim already shows that hits can be made in this phase. But is Early Access anything positive at all? And where has the trend developed since it became part of everyday gaming? We draw!

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