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The Games Aktuell 10/2020 as a digital edition for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire is now available at a price of only 3.99 euros and printed from 16 September for only 4.99 euros.

Preview: Mafia: Definitive Edition

The remake trend continues – but if promising representatives like Mafia: Definitive Edition come out, we have nothing against it! Shortly before the release, we were able to play the new edition of the crime classic for hours.

The big competitor PES is doing an extra round with last year's edition, so grabbing the football throne has rarely been easier than it is now – we have all the information about the Volta mode, career, Ultimate Team and of course the gameplay changes for you.

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Games currently 10/20

Games currently 10/20

Source: Games Aktuell

Pretty boring – at least as far as the post-apocalyptic game world is concerned. Wasteland. The game, on the other hand, has turned out fantastic and improves on its predecessor in every respect – role players shouldn't miss this title.

Reviewed: A Total War Saga: Troy

The latest offshoot of the venerable Total War series was free in the Epic Store on the first day – but of course we are checking for all latecomers whether it is worth buying the Troy strategy game.

Reviewed: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

With the last remakes, Square Enix has proven that they know how to polish up old JRPG classics for the present day. You can find out whether they can do this with Crystal Chronicles in our test.

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Special: Love in video games: when it booms

Love is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel. Accordingly, it is difficult for many video games to transport this properly. In our special we find out why that is and introduce games that did it perfectly.

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The Games-Aktuell podcast

The Games-Aktuell podcast

Source: Games Aktuell

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