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Always new on Fridays: In the Games Aktuell podcast 610, Matthias Dammes has numerous exciting topics on the slip. Together with Matti and Lukas, he talks about testing Trials of Mana, Fallout 76: Wastelanders and XCOM: Chimera Squad. Lukas also gives an outlook on Little Hope, the second part of the Dark Pictures Anthology.

The Games Aktuell podcast 610 is packed with three major test topics this week. Matthias has loaded Matti and Lukas into the team peak. We continue to record the podcast from the home office and therefore apologize for any noise or audio quality that is not quite as clear. Before we get to the tests, however, Lukas reports on his impressions of Little Hope, which he recently collected in a live stream with the developers. Then Matthias explains why Fallout 76 with Wastelanders has grown well in terms of content, but is still technically not a good game. Lukas from Trials of Mana, on the other hand, can report better things that he liked all around. Matti, on the other hand, was somewhat disappointed with XCOM: Chimera Squad. The whole thing is of course rounded off as always with your community contributions.

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Topics of GA podcast episode 610:

02:00 – Little Hope
12:50 – Fallout 76: Wastelanders
30:35 – Trials of Mana
41:01 – XCOM: Chimera Squad
57:12 – Community contributions

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