of Sara Petzold
Gamescom 2020 falls victim to the general ban on large-scale events as a result of the corona pandemic. So that gaming fans do not have to do without the event completely in August, the organizers want the gamescom to take place purely digitally.

Numerous major events are falling into the water this year due to the corona pandemic: after the E3 2020 it is now after the announcement of the Large events banned until the end of August 2020 also this year's gamescom. However, the organizers do not want to simply miss the fair, but plan to convert gamescom into one completely digital event.

The organizers of gamescom wrote in an official press release:

"In addition to proven formats such as gamescom: Opening Night Live or gamescom now, work is currently underway to expand these and introduce additional modules. After yesterday's decision not to allow major events until the end of August, the devcom developer conference will also take place exclusively digitally."

Felix Falk, managing director of the game association of the German game industry, also added:

"Even though we will not be able to get together with the games community and games industry in Cologne this year, we will celebrate the latest games digitally connected at the end of August. That is why we are working intensively with our partners on the further development of gamescom: Opening Night Live and gamescom now and will also be presenting new and exciting digital formats."

What gaming fans are looking for at the digital gamescom 2020 in addition to the Opening night live and gamescom now we still don't know yet. Further information will follow in mid-May.

Anyone who has already purchased a ticket for gamescom 2020 will be reimbursed the purchase price. In the coming weeks, the organizers want to announce exactly how the reimbursement process will work.

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