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According to a current patent, Sony could currently work on a new subscription model that will bring older games from the PS1, PS2 and PS3 era to the PS5 via streaming. Among other things, PlayStation Now will play a role here. However, thanks to streaming, upcoming titles could also be tried out as a demo before buying.

The issue of backward compatibility continues to play an important role among fans a few months before the launch of the PS5. We already know that Sony wants to make almost all PS4 games compatible with the next-gen console in the near future. According to current rumors from internal tests at Sony, a number of PS4 titles are said to be running on the PS5 with some improvements.

So far it is still unclear how it looks with older games from before the PS4. A patent has now emerged that may describe Sony's plans. According to this, a new subscription model is planned, with the help of PlayStation Now, numerous titles from the PS1, PS2 and PS3 era can be played on the upcoming next-gen console. However, there is supposed to be no purchase option. According to the patent, the games can only be used via streaming on the PS5.

More PS5 functions are planned with streaming

However, Sony doesn't just seem to be expanding backward compatibility with streaming. New PS5 games could also benefit from the service. The patent shows that demos will soon be made available in a different way. According to this, users would have the chance to stream a small part of a PS5 title on the console and then decide whether the full version should be considered or not. Thanks to streaming, these demos could be played immediately and without waiting. The PS5 is currently scheduled for release later this year.

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