Games we absolutely want to play – but then we don't

The graphics, the soundtrack, the tone of the game, the aesthetics – all these things make the games so fascinating to play. And yet, not a single one was attracted to it. The reason is simple – we are afraid.

All the factors a good game needs have been met. There are no important things to do that can keep you from playing, and yet there are some games that drive us into schizophrenic madness. To play or not to play is the question here.

Every shopping trip involves reaching for the object of desire with one eye and half outstretched hand until fear overwhelms you and keeps you at bay. Like Gollum and Smeagol, Engelchen und Teufelchen, every detail is debated where the negative often prevails: Maybe expectations are not met, it could include gameplay mechanics that ruin the story, or it has a difficult level of difficulty and you yourself turns out to be super zero.

Is there really no hope? Ultimately, do these games bring us to our knees and dust in the lowest places of our wish lists? We asked our editorial team about their experiences.

Alexander Gehlsdorf's opinion: “The season prevented me from doing so”

"I am extremely keen to get involved in the wacky and stylish Japanese setting of Persona 5 and to live a double life underground in Tokyo as a high school student, but that Playing time of 100 hours and more has me so far prevented from doing so to just start it at all. "

Opinion of Johannes Repp: "I don't want to take a long game"

“Unfortunately, I couldn't get Skyrim and Oblivion up and running on my PC at the time. Now is mine Pile of Shame is now so bigthat I hate to have to play such an extensive game. Me there is simply no time, The Elder Scrolls world is very interesting and I would really like to dive in, but the titles to work hastily or with eternal long breaks it would be easy to play don't do it justice, The same goes for the Witcher and Gothic games. "

Games we but maybe not you played:

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opinion of Lisa Fleischer: "I am afraid that I will lose myself in it and play nothing else."

"World of Warcraft is really appealing to me. I even started for a couple of hours, but stopped having a lot of fun. The reason: I am afraid that I am lose in it and play nothing else – And thereby there are so many other great games, In general, I'm fascinated by huge MMOs like Eve Online, but I don't dare to get in because the community is already so solid and certainly requires players to dive regularly. But I have for that no time, I have so many games and also many other hobbies, so I just don’t want to commit myself so strictly to a game. So I could not do it justice – and therefore completely avoid it.

And then there are online beat 'em ups like Tekken 7, whose single player modes I have played, but whose online lobby I always bite my teeth at. It fascinates me how other players can cut themselves into the gameplay so that they can keep up with pros. I get in the online modes however always so much on the mouththat I am so I'm demotivatedthat I put the game away immediately. Too bad, because I actually love beat 'em ups.

Because I'm a scaredy dog, Slender is one of them. The game has always fascinated me because of the myth behind it, which even made it into pop culture. I still remember how friends of mine played and hated Slender, who had hardly ever played video games before. Nevertheless, as an old video game bunny, I never dared to do it – simply because my motor skills completely blocked out of sheer fear during horror games and I just can't enjoy the experience. Fortunately, let’s plays. ”

Opinion of Marina Hansel: "I'm afraid that I will stop after ten minutes."

"Sometime … sometime! I've always wanted to play The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall because it a) looks like my favorite childhood RPGs and b) I'm a big The Elder Scrolls fan anyway who would like to know more about the series. Now there are old games to be old – and I've never played it because I am afraid that I will stop after ten minutes, Well. A let’s play would be an idea! I just have to find the right let’s player for it. ”

Almost everyone played these games:

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Sophie Jordan: "The slow gameplay gives me a stomach ache."

Sometimes I didn't know the problem. I just played games I wanted to play. No matter if I was afraid it could be bad or take too long. I'm a fan of Open World and long stories – for God's sake, I sometimes play three to four hours of Red Dead Redemption 2, just ride around and still go to Chapter 2. But strangely enough, I get it slow gameplay by Death Stranding great abdominal pain, I was really looking forward to the game, but the more I learned about Death Stranding and the gameplay mechanics, I've been hesitating ever since.

Walk from point A to point B, deliver the packages, take packages, take enough breaks, calm BB, don't let the ghosts catch you, don't look at Norman Reedus in the crotch – okay, that's actually a really funny feature, but what i want to say it sounds pretty repetitive and unspectacular, Why do I want to play it anyway? The story, Since the trailer I want to find out what the baby, the ghosts and the character Sam Bridges are all about. The complex story advertised by Hideo Kojima is praised by many and is said to have a mind-blowing ending. Since I don't want to experience the story through let’s plays or complete solutions, I have no choice but to play the game myself at some point.

The GIGA editorial team can no longer get these games out of their heads:

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The GIGA editors simply cannot let go of these games

What is the answer to the puzzle? To be honest, I don't know. On the one hand, developers should be honored to try to do justice to their games and to invest the leisure and time in them. But are these games really worth it if you have to bend completely to start playing? We can only hope that at some point in our lives we will face the challenge. Even if we are 100 years old, these games must be stopped.