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Microsoft calls the "free" Games with Gold for November 2020. Also in the launch month of the Xbox Series X – the new console will appear on November 10th – selected games are available "free" for Xbox Live Gold members. For example, Aragami: Shadow Edition will be available for download for Xbox One on November 1st. The edition, available until November 30th at no extra charge, contains both the original game and the associated prequel Nightfall. You take on the role of an undead assassin who has the power to rule the shadows. Lots of opponents are lurking for you, who you push off the screen with special skills.

You will also have access to Swimsanity between November 16 and December 15. In the underwater shooter you compete with other players – either in a team or in a direct duel. With power-ups you get certain advantages. The Games with Gold line-up in November 2020 also has Xbox classics. Full Spectrum Warrior is available from November 1st to November 15th – for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The classic Lego Indiana Jones will follow from November 16 – the adventure is available until November 30.

Anyone who owns an Xbox Series X from November 10th can also play the latest Games with Gold on their new Microsoft console: the Xbox Series X and S come with extensive backward compatibility. It was recently confirmed that all games that are currently playable on Xbox One also run on the Xbox Series X. – this includes Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Kinect titles are excluded. Most recently, Sony also presented the new games for members of its online service: The list of "free" games for PS Plus is in November 2020 can be found under this link. Among other things: Bugsnax for PS5. The online services each cost around 60 euros per year.

Games with Gold: List of "Free" Games for November 2020

  • Aragami: Shadow Edition (Xbox One) – November 1-30
  • Swimsanity! (Xbox One) November 16 through December 15
  • Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox One, 360) – November 1st-15
  • Lego Indiana Jones (Xbox One, 360) – November 16-30
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