Gamescom is expected to be a purely online event this year. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, all major events were banned until August 31. The organizers of the game fair are now taking a position on Twitter and promise to send information soon.

Gamescom was supposed to take place from August 25th to 29th at the exhibition center in Cologne. So far it was unclear whether the event on site had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new Federal government measures now seem to seal the fate of the game fair.

The gamescom online events had already been expanded. After all major events prohibited until August 31 the organizers promise Twitter at least one digital fair:

"Even if not all details are known, the nationwide ban on major events will also affect gamescom 2020. In addition: gamescom 2020 will definitely take place digitally! We will provide more information shortly. ”

The ban on major events will no longer prevent the trade fair from being canceled on site. However, the organizers assure that all visitors who have already bought tickets will get their money back. Coupon codes are no longer valid and will be re-provided for new events.

Update from March 31, 2020, 5:02 p.m.

Because of corona virus: gamescom 2020 is expanding online formats

At the end of August, gamescom 2020 is expected to fill entire halls in Cologne with people; something that would be unthinkable at the moment. The organizers are of course aware of the corona virus pandemic and are now beginning to expand and plan the online event and format. It is becoming increasingly uncertain whether gamescom 2020 will actually take place this year.

Gamescom 2020 has not yet been canceled, but in addition to precautions and planned hygienic safety measures, the organizer Koelnmesse is now starting to restructure: online events like that Opening night live are being expanded, as are other digital events. In an emergency, gamescom 2020 will throw online game announcements around it confirms gamescom 2020 on your own homepage:

"Together, Koelnmesse and the game association of the German games industry have announced that gamescom will be there in any case at least in digital form from August 25th to 29th. They excluded a shift. The same applies to the devcom developer conference (August 22 to 24), which starts the gamescom week. "

It will be decided in mid-May whether gamescom 2020 will also take place in Cologne. The organizers reaffirmed once again that developers, publishers, stand tenants as well as private visitors in the worst case everyone will get their money back.

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Original message from March 16, 2020, 5:00 p.m.

Gamescom 2020 takes place for private visitors from Wednesday August 26th to Sunday August 29th, instead – like every year. However, it can now be said with definite certainty that 2020 will not like every year is: Due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-2019, events are being gradually canceled in all federal states, clubs and restaurants are being closed and regulations are being made that restrict social life for security reasons.

In 2019 the fair was around 373,000 people visited, crowded in large exhibition halls, which just offered enough space for the crowd. Such an event would be unthinkable these days, and apart from that also forbidden: Cologne as a venue currently prohibits any events, and that until April 10th; what happens next will undoubtedly depend on the situation. The only advantage of gamescom 2020 is one thing: time. And the question we have to ask is the same: How long will the current exceptional situation last and how exactly will life look like afterwards?

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How likely is it that gamescom 2020 will take place?

As we have already reported, gamescom 2020 has not yet been officially canceled: it should therefore take place at the end of August as planned, the Ticket sales have also started. Only one thing can be determined with certainty: For sure it's not that the fair is being held. The organizer Koelnmesse also discussed this in an open letter at Homepage:

"Dear customers and partners of Koelnmesse,

We are currently receiving inquiries as to how a possible risk from the Corona virus affects our Koelnmesse events.

Koelnmesse takes the issue seriously, because the health of all fair participants is the top priority.

We will evaluate the recommendations of the responsible authorities regarding major events for each individual Koelnmesse event and, as before, make our decisions after careful consideration. The preparations for gamescom continue according to the current status for the specified date. We look forward to your participation.

We will provide information on useful prophylactic measures on site. We are increasingly offering disinfectants, which are the most effective anti-transmission agents. Highly frequented areas are also cleaned with increased frequency. Qualified doctors and paramedics in our medical stations are prepared for possible suspected cases and are available to answer any questions you may have. If there is a suspicion during the event, all spatial and organizational precautions have been taken at the exhibition center to take immediate remedial measures. "

At the moment nobody knows exactly how long it is Event stop in Cologne is actually necessary, and how long afterwards security must be ensured. Whether, for example, huge trade fairs like gamescom still have to take place in a different form Streams or as big online event? A reliable forecast cannot be made, but other events in August 2020 – or later – are not yet canceled: So there is hope that the situation has changed by then.

You can find all information in the official Corona Virus FAQ on the homepage. We also contacted the organizer and asked how big the risk was that the fair would be postponed or canceled. As soon as we get an answer, we will update this article.

Should you buy tickets for gamescom 2020 now?

Of the Ticket sales for gamescom 2020 officially started on March 11th. If you want to buy a ticket, nothing stands in the way: Under the heading Questions and answers about gamescom 2020 the organizer Koelnmesse declares that all purchased tickets will be refunded if the fair is canceled due to the corona virus. Coupon codes, on the other hand, "lose their validity and are made available for new events."

In the event of an emergency, exhibitors should also be reimbursed for all payments made. You can buy tickets for private visitors as usual buy on the official site.

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If you would like to go to gamescom 2020, you do not have to worry about the event being canceled and any lost money. The trade fair naturally does not assume any responsibility for travel by train, bus or plane or hotel bookings. In that case, it would probably be safer to wait and see.