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Gamesplanet has some interesting flash deals and promos in store for the weekend. This time, for example, EA is there with some cool titles, including various games from the Star Wars universe. In addition, F1 2020 can be found in the particularly heavily reduced Flash Deals. The Akupara Promo offers a colorful mix of indie games.

The weekend is here and the weather is still not what we imagine “spring” to be. But because there is nowhere to go, even in good weather, we stay at home and gamble. So that there is no employment deficit, Gamesplanet has a few interesting offers in stock this weekend, which we are going to present here.

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Gamesplanet Flash Deals

The Flash Deals usually only run for a few days, in other words, the following games are only available until 9:59 a.m. on Monday, with a discount of up to 85 percent:

Gamesplanet Flash Deals (including F1 2020 for € 17.99, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition for € 4.50)

EA games on sale

The EA Promo PC games are available much longer. There is something for every taste up to and including April 19th, from Battlefield to Need for Speed ​​and Anthem to Sims 4 and Unravel / Unravel 2 for the calmer. A total of 48 games, editions or DLCs are included in the offer with discounts of up to 85 percent. Here are some highlights at a glance:

EA-Promo (including Star Wars Battlefront II for € 15.50, Anthem for € 8.99, Unravel 2 for € 9.90, Sims4 for € 9.99)

Indie-Games in der Akupara-Promo

The indie games in the Akupara promo are super cheap and super colorful. Up to and including April 15th there is a nice selection of interesting PC games and DLCs for prices 75 cents and 11 euros. It’s worth taking a look and grabbing something nice for in between:

Gamesplanet Akupara-Promo (including Spinch for € 7.99, Etherborn for € 6.99, Mutazione for € 11.00

You can find more offers and many PC games at low prices on the Gamesplanet homepage.

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