GameStopZing is more known for the fact that games, accessories for consoles or merchandise are sold there. With the house brand StormCrow, the game retailer is now venturing into the gaming peripheral market. The low price of just under 65 euros for the all-round package – consisting of a mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and wrist support – is particularly attractive. Too good to be true?

Just 64.99 euros GameStopZing demands for that StormCrow PC Gaming Bundle Elite. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, this also includes a wrist rest and a mouse pad in XL format. At first glance, that sounds more than tempting. Such an offer could be particularly interesting for casual gamers. Or for those of you who have just assembled a gaming PC and are now looking at an almost empty wallet.

StormCrow PC Gaming Bundle Elite: The all-round package in detail

StormCrow Elite gaming keyboard

The wired keyboard has mechanical switches with anti-ghosting including a separate number pad. An aluminum cover was also missed on the top. In addition, the keyboard can six different colors and a total of 20 different backlight modes shine. These can be adjusted at any time using hotkeys. The appropriate software can optionally be used for this.

StormCrow Elite Gaming Mouse

The mouse has a 1.8 meter braided cable and a total of six different DPI settings, between which you can switch with the push of a button. The maximum of the sensor is included 5,000 DPI and can be reduced to up to 400 if necessary. There are also three additional buttons on the side. Finally, the mouse still has RGB lighting with a total of 16 million colors. Again, the mouse can be adjusted to your liking via software.

StormCrow Elite Gaming Mouse Pad XL

The peculiarity of this mouse pad lies above all in the size: full 900 x 420 mm. With a thickness of 4 mm and the smooth polyester surface, it should also provide enough comfort when gaming. The non-slip bottom on the other hand ensures the appropriate grip. Why such a big mouse pad? First and foremost, it offers enough space for the keyboard and mouse, creating a uniform look on your desk. So that you can enjoy the pad for a long time, the outer edges sewn.

StormCrow Elite Gel wrist support

For even more comfort when gaming, the set also includes a wrist support. This is from one Memory foam and is also rubberized on the bottom so that you always have control when playing. With a dimension of 460 x 70 x 20 mm it also fits perfectly with the keyboard.

This is what others say about the StormCrow PC Gaming Bundle Elite

The skepticism about such a keyboard-mouse set is correspondingly high, because with a combat price of just under 65 euros, the expectations are initially rather low. Loud Games world these fears are unfounded. Of course, you can't expect high-end peripherals at this price. There are keyboards like the SteelSeries Apex Pro that alone cost more than three times as much. But you also get more there, such as a small OLED display or variable trigger points of the individual buttons.

The price makes the most of the processing noticeable – here GameStop has definitely saved. You also have to count on numerous Additional features such as USB pass-through. That is simply not possible with such a price. Fittingly, the bottom line is that this bundle is above all Casual gamers who can do without such luxury and are looking for useful and, above all, cheap peripherals.

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What do you say about the StormCrow PC Gaming Bundle Elite? Would you access or are you completely satisfied with your current setup? Do you also have much higher demands and would you rather use high-priced devices? Just write us your opinion in the comments or tell us which keyboard and mouse you are currently using. We're exited about your answers!