Sunday, August 01, 2021

Gaming PCs, laptops and monitors on offer: Lenovo deals at Saturn

At Saturn you can currently secure high-quality gaming laptops, PCs and monitors from Levono at heavily reduced prices. Here you can find the highlights of the campaign.

Lenovo is known for first-class gaming equipment: both the laptops and PCs and the monitors are popular with gamers. Now you can get some of the best products from the Chinese brand at Saturn – and at real savings prices!

Lenovo hardware especially cheap at Saturn

You still have until September 7th to secure the deals of the Saturn campaign. Here you can already find our favorites from the big Lenovo sale.




Do you know about sidekicks in video games? Prove your knowledge in our test!

What would Mario be without Luigi, Joel without Ellie or Sonic without Knuckles and Tails? To imagine yourself without the loyal companions of our video game heroes is almost unimaginable. After all, they usually help us to experience fun, exciting and sometimes very emotional adventures. Can you also guess which games these 15 sidekicks come from?

What do you think of the current campaign at Saturn? Are you going to dust off one of the Lenovo products? Visit us on our Facebook page and tell us your opinion in the comment area!

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