from Philipp Sattler
Get the HP bolides out of the garages and start the engines of your switch! With Gear Club Unlimited 2: Tracks Edition, developer Eden Games is launching a new edition of the second part of the series, which not only brings new vehicles but also some in-game innovations.

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Also popular with PC games readers On the circuits, rewinding only works in the race and not in qualifying.NSW

Gear Club Unlimited 2: Tracks Edition in the test

In Gear Club Unlimited 2: Tracks Edition you can step on the gas pedal again on the Switch. We tested the new edition of the racing simulation. Gear Club Unlimited 2: Racing game for the Nintendo Switch in the test.NSW

Gear Club Unlimited 2: The Switch racing game in the test

In the Gear Club Unlimited 2 test, you can find out what the new racing game is for the Nintendo Switch and whether you should hit it. Gear Club Unlimited 2 in the preview: game impressions and interesting background information.NSW

Gear Club Unlimited 2: Switch racing game preview

Find out our preview of Gear Club Unlimited 2, our game impressions and interesting background information on the upcoming Switch-exclusive racing game.

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