GeForce Game Ready Driver 441.66 available

from Antonio Funes
Nvidia has released new video card drivers for download. The GeForce Game Ready drivers 441.66 are available for download today from Nvidia's support website today, December 10th. Nvidia has optimized the driver package for the two games Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries and the previously PS4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human.

Nvidia has released new video card drivers. For example, the driver package of the GeForce Game Ready driver, version number 441.66, has a download size of just under 576 megabytes for Windows 10 (64-bit). here the direct link to the support website with the download to the said package variant, Nvidia has optimized the software for two brand new games with the new driver package, one of which has already been released and the other will be released on December 12 – both games are exclusive to Epic.

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries and Detroit: Become Human

The two said Epic titles are the action / shooter game Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries, which we have already tested, as well as the on Playstation 4 enormously successful interactive thriller game Detroit: Become Human, which will be available for the PC as of Thursday (well one and a half years after the PS4 release). For both games, Nvidia states in the release notes that they have optimized the drivers. In addition, Nvidia officially releases two other freesync monitors as G-Sync compatible with the new drivers, but we were unable to find them in one search: the ViewSonic XG270 and the MSI MAG215RX. ViewSonic is probably about the model XG2702, because this is the only Freesync monitor manufacturer with the abbreviation XG270 in the name. On MSI's side, we found only similar model names as MAG241CR or MAG271CQR.

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