Nvidia has released a new driver package. The GeForce Game Ready Driver in the version number 442.50 brings some new advantages for users of GeForce graphics cards from the GeForce GT 630. For Windows 10 (64 bit) the download size of the driver package is just under 530 megabytes, in the official blog of Nvidia you learn more about the features and bugfixes of the GeForce Game Ready Driver 442.50 – Also since the blog is written in English, we will pick out the most important points for you.

GeForce Game Ready Driver 442.50: Features

For games, Nvidia has made some optimizations and is doing so Apex Legends. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 such as ARK in the foreground. A bug has been fixed in Apex Legends, in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 there are optimizations due to the release of the Warlords of New York add-ons, ARK is also about an add-on, namely ARK: Genesis, When it comes to monitors, Nvidia has classified other models as officially G-Sync compatible. In theory, the Nvidia drivers are now designed so that all Freesync monitors can be synchronized with Nvidia graphics cards, so that you don't have to buy an expensive G-Sync monitor. However, some displays cause problems, so that Nvidia only officially lists tested models. The new additions are the AOC monitors AG271FZ2 and AG271F1G2 as well as the Asus PG43U. What the blog doesn't say but is confirmed by the US website wccftech, is the fact that the new drivers also offer improved security – the details can be found in the release notes of the new drivers read.

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