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from Dominik Zwingmann
After the launch chaos at the start of sales of the RTX 3080, the Nvidia team has now answered several questions on the subject. Accordingly, the company should not have expected such a run on the new graphics card. Nvidia wants to replenish it as quickly as possible to meet the high demand. New protection measures against bots have also been introduced in the Nvidia store.

Last week, Nvidia launched the GeForce RTX 3080. In just a few minutes, not only were the company's and partners' shops overloaded, the range of graphics cards was also completely sold out. It quickly became clear that bots had snatched away some GPUs as well. Nvidia has now answered several questions about how this launch chaos came about.

Right at the beginning, those responsible admit that they and their partners underestimated the rush for the RTX 3080. According to the data, the number of visitors to some shops is said to have even exceeded Black Friday levels. The production of the graphics card is currently running at full speed to meet the high demand from fans. Nvidia asks buyers who have not yet received anything to check the shops regularly and refrain from buying from resellers on trading platforms.

The company also addressed the bot issue again. In order to prevent the success of bots in the future, the Nvidia store was equipped with further measures. In addition to changes to the code, a CAPTCHA procedure has also been introduced, which checks the authenticity of the person before paying. In addition, Nvidia is said to have already canceled hundreds of orders that were due to the use of bots. By the way, the next launch is due on Thursday. The flagship – the RTX 3090 – can be bought on September 24th.

Source: Nvidia

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