Genshin Impact has been available to anyone with an active Internet connection Free2Play since September 28, 2020, and by release week everyone should have heard of it by some means. The game is an action open world gacha game with a lot of Chinese flair. You can tell when you look at the characters and how they handle their weapons.

A little insight

Immediately after starting the game, when you have logged in and selected a server, you walk through a gate. The first cut scene is waiting behind this. We get to know a boy and a girl. Shortly afterwards another figure appears. All three seem like they're no ordinary mortals. As the new figure prepares to fight, the boy and girl rush on them and it quickly becomes clear that there is something divine about all three figures. Shortly before the two younger ones launch their attack, the game freezes and you have to decide which of the two you want to control. After the decision, you enter a name … and then watch as the other character is captured and you yourself are defeated. A very well presented scene that picks us up directly. For my part, I sat there and just thought "Sick".

After this first impression, things will start. You are sent a little into the future by talking to Paimon. You could also call it the Genshin Impact navigation system and here we have the biggest reproach that Genshin Impact received during the week of the release.

Diluc enjoys the view

Diluc enjoys the view

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Is Genshin Impact a Breath of the Wild clone?

That thought probably occurred to everyone who saw the game. Stamina for climbing, sprinting and swimming, wings that you can glide with, a large world that is kept in the same style as that of BotW. Instead of Korok Seeds, anemocoli and geocoli are collected here. Spirit beings that are sacrificed to a statue in order to gain experience and develop one's stamina. There is an elementary system; you can use it to set things on fire, and then either extinguish the fire with water or light it more strongly with wind. So we have a lot of parallels. We have broadswords, one-handed, bows, magic, and spears.

a, the game is heavily inspired by BotW, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. Isn't it more important what makes it different from BotW and therefore special? The combat system feels very fluid, as you can play a team of four characters and switch between them almost seamlessly. Each character has an ability and a special ability. These are unique and, in combination with the elementary system, ensure many different combinations. For example, if you attack an enemy with an ice attack, he is just hypothermic. On the other hand, if you wet it beforehand, it will freeze completely. Attacking him with a physical attack now inflicts bonus damage. But you can also use the time and shock the enemy as well. If a hypothermic or frozen opponent is shocked, his defense against physical attacks is reduced by 50 percent. Now the next blow will cause much more severe damage.

If the physical attacker still has the fire element, he can take advantage of the shocked state and trigger a fire explosion. So you notice that the group composition, their skills and the type of weapon play a big role. This is less important for the regular monsters in the open world, but as soon as you have reached adventurer level 30+ or ​​go to higher dungeons, exactly such combinations will make your life easier. So let's be clear: There are a number of parallels to BotW, but Genshin Impact is not a clone.

If Diluc strikes, then do it right!

If Diluc strikes, then do it right!

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Gacha = Pay2Win?

As it is the nature of a gacha game, Genshin Impact also has its moneysink. You can pull characters and weapons from the gacha part. The rates are not exactly nice. There are people who are lucky enough to have a great 5-star character together after three or four attempts and others throw hundreds of euros at the game and nothing happens. This is very annoying and frustrating, but this is exactly what will be done with patch 1.1 – it will be released in November 2020. Currently, you get a 4-star object for every tenth pull. This can either be a character or a weapon. The patch is intended to expand this so that every 50th pull in a banner gives two items that give you a guaranteed 5-star character and a 5-star weapon.

Are the 5-star characters and weapons that much stronger than the 4-star alternatives? Yes they are. Are they necessary to enjoy and play the game? No, they are not. There are DPS characters like Fischl, Razor or Xingling with four stars, including the healer Barbara. The 5-star heroes usually have slightly higher status values, but whether their skills are useful at the end of the day always depends on their own team. For example, I don't think Jean is that great. She is a 5-person healer who can push away her opponents and create a wind barrier that damages the opponent when touched and heals the group as it builds up. But since she pushes the opponents away, she doesn't fit into my team. My team is typically "in your face". So I don't want the opponents to go far away from me, I want them right in front of me. The strength of a 5-star character usually lies in the fact that he either sits at the top in his role or can fulfill two roles at the same time.

The Battle Pass and its treasures "src ="

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The Battle Pass and its treasures

Ventis Banner "src ="

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Ventis banner

Pay2Win doesn't always mean that you are extraordinarily strong. Genshin Impact actually becomes Pay2Win in terms of adventure experience. There is a resource called Harz. This is capped to 120 pieces and you fill up 180 of them over the course of the day. You can replenish this for Primeval Rock (an in-game currency) six times a day by 60 points, but it is precisely this currency that you also use to pull weapons and characters. The cash shop currency (creation crystals) can be exchanged one-to-one for veterans and this is exactly where Pay2Win comes in. 20 resin points correspond to 100 adventurer experience and from 30+ you need over 6,000 of them. So the 180 resin corresponds to 900 experience. If you now include the six times the primary rock points, you have 360 ​​resin on top. This corresponds to 1,800 EXP. So you level through Harz three times as fast if you have enough primary rock.

Of course, this is used initially for characters and weapons rather than for the adventurer level. Now it is getting a bit expensive, but you can also buy a package once a week fragile resin contains. This can also be exchanged for 60 resin. The package also costs almost 17 euros. It offers other goodies, but the package is definitely not worth 17 euros, and certainly not for getting 900 EXP a week more. But that doesn't change the fact that the option exists.

Daily missions for the Battlepass

Daily missions for the Battlepass

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Is it necessary to spend money?

It is not necessary, but of course it speeds everything up. The earlier you have good characters and a well-developed team, the more you can push the EXP with your veteran. But there are enough other ways to get to bedrock, EXP and materials. Be it the battle pass, which is of course more lucrative with a cash shop pass, or the adventurer license. The second is a guide that guides you through the game. The Battlepass is tied to daily, weekly and monthly tasks. So far, the daily tasks consisted of "Sign in to the game","Collect 10 ores","Complete 4 daily missions" and "Consume a total of 150 points of original resin". The weekly tasks are a bit more complex, but even these should easily be completed in a week.

The biggest challenge is the 1,600 resin that you should consume. Because if we say you use up your 180 resin a day, you only get 1,260 in a week and that assumes that you set your resin to 0 every day. So there are 340 missing. So if you want to apply this over primary rock, you have to recharge it six times and are thus at the cost of 300 primary rock. It's only about two pulls, but small cattle also make crap. Now you have to say that the Battlepass does not give you EXP, but gold, character EXP, items, materials, weapons, pulls and and and. So you have to see for yourself whether the completion of the task is worth 300 veterans a week.

What is the adventurer level actually?

The adventurer license is a great guide

The adventurer license is a great guide

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In principle, this is the level of your account. The adventure level determines what level your world has, how high you can upgrade your equipment and characters, and what dungeons you can run. From level 20 onwards, the world level is unlocked and then increases by one level every five levels. This is essential for the multiplayer mode and for collecting upgrade materials.

Because the higher the world level, the higher the monsters are and the higher the rarity levels they drop. As already explained, you increase the adventurer level by consuming resin or by the adventurer license. For example, dungeons show in the overview that they give EXP for it, but you only get this if you spend the corresponding amount of resin to cancel the loot of the dungeon.

Is the game also available for iOS and Android?

Yes, but you can only play it properly on a mobile phone or tablet if you buy an up-to-date device. My Huawai MediaPad T5 and also my Huawai P20 don't pack the game on the lowest settings. For me, around 12 to 20 frames are just not playable. It's supposed to go pretty well on the PS4, so I'd recommend leaning towards the PS4 or PC version. However, there is currently a reason to install the game on your phone or tablet anyway. On the PC version you can only pay by credit card. I don't know whether it is also the case on the PS4, but on the mobile phone the finances are purely via the Apple Store or the Playstore and, as is well known, you can pay there in other ways.

How is the multiplayer mode?

Unfortunately, I can't say much about the multiplayer mode yet, as there haven't been so many situations in which it has offered itself to me. The world level of the host decides which players can enter its session. A level 20 player cannot join a level 25+ player because the world of the higher player has already reached world level 2. However, the 25+ player can join the other. If you run dungeons together, everyone has to pay for their own loot. The group size is also defined based on the other players. If you play in pairs, both can take a second character with them. As soon as there are three players, each player only plays with one character.

Jean at work "src ="

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Jean at work

Xingling takes a look at a picture "src ="

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Xingling looks at a picture


Do not consider the game a BotW clone and rate Genshin Impact individually. It offers several hours of content and that already with the current version, which will receive various content patches in the near future. I'm a pretty intense gamer and spent 50 to 60 hours in the game during the week of the release, covering almost all of the content that has been in the game so far. If you now consider that it was all free and did not require excessive leveling, as in an MMORPG, that is a great achievement. The game is definitely a nice change and a slightly different way to build a gacha game. I would take a look at this game over and over again!

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