In the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact, you can again collect Oculi objects to increase your stamina. A total of 95 electroculus can be discovered on the islands of Narukami, Kannazuka and Yashiori. We show you all locations on the map and in the video!

If you’ve already been busy collecting Anemoculus in Lunar City and Geoculus in Liyue, then you already know what to expect from Elektroculus. Some of these collectibles are extremely well hidden and are needed to upgrade the statues of the seven in Inazuma, which gives you one, among other things Extension of your endurance bar bestows.

Find all electroculus – you have to pay attention to that

If you go looking for the Electroculus, you should prepare accordingly, because While many of the electroculus are freely accessible from the start and are floating in the air, others are not so easy to reach and are subject to conditions. Note the following here:

Before doing this, complete the world missions “A Strange History in Konda”, “Offering” and “Purification and Pollution”. These all build on each other and lead to the global mission “Yougou cleaning”, which gives you access to another electroculus. In addition, during this quest series you will receive the souvenir lens that you need to reach some electroculi.
Some electroculi are located behind barriersfor which you need a certain level of Electrogranum. You can find more information about this in the linked guide.

Once you’ve found a certain number of lost Electroculus, you can get them from the Statues of the Seven to offer in Inazuma as a sacrifice and so gradually rise in the degree. Every step up brings you various rewards and a step-by-step extension of your stamina bar.

We describe you on the following pages the locations of all Elektroculus in the individual regions of Inazuma (Narukami, Kannazuka and Yashiori) exactly. Use the cards with the numbered locations to identify the corresponding Elektroculi that you are still missing. Note that the guide is still under construction and will be expanded shortly.

Alle Elektroculus in Narukami

Note the numbers of the Elektroculi that you are still missing and click on the corresponding links under the picture for the exact location.

Locations of all 39 electroculus from Narukami in a video # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 # 10 # 11 # 12 # 13 # 14 # 15 # 16 # 17 # 18 # 19 # 20 # 21 # 22 # 23 # 24 # 25 # 26 # 27 # 28 # 29 # 30 # 31 # 32 # 33 # 34 # 35 # 36 # 37 # 38 # 39

All electroculus in Kannazuka

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All electroculus in Yashiori

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In the video above we show you the locations of all 39 electroculus in one video.

Location: North of the Kamisato estate

Location: On the first island northeast of the main island. You have to be in possession of the souvenir lens (world order “offering”) to scan the small fox statue on the island. Then the ground opens below you and you can collect the electroculus.

Location: On the small island in the very northeast. The electroculus lies under a lightning dome. In order to overcome this, you must first have received the souvenir lens (world order “offering”). At the location where Elektroculus # 1 was found, you can then pick up the “key-shaped Omamori” by scanning the fox statue. Then climb into the cave where you can find Elektroculus # 2. Clean the shrine in the cave and climb back up at the other end of the cave. Then climb the tree on the island and jump to the electroculus.

Location: Hovers in the air above the lightning dome on the tiny island north of Narukami. Inside the lightning dome there are some lightning conductors that can throw you up to the electroculus, but it is easier to slide from the top of the Narukami shrine to the electroculus.

Location: Located underwater in the ruin. You get access via the tower ruins in the north of the main island. The way is long and peppered with a few puzzles. Here, too, you first need the souvenir lens (world order “offering”) to reach the electroculus. You can see the exact way to get there in the video above.

Location: Floats under the cliff top in the far north of the island.

Location: Floats in the air on the northwesternmost island. The best way to get there is with a wave rider. Then climb the tallest tree and slide to the Elektroculus.

Location: On the roof of the building just south of the statue of the seven in Narukami.

Location: On the top of the tree on the coast east of Ritou.

Location: In the cave on the coast, which you can reach via the beach east of Ritou.

Location: Behind the lightning barrier at the foot of the mountain to the Narukami Shrine in the northwest. You can simply slide over the lightning barrier to the electroculus through a hole in the ceiling.

Location: Hovers over the ruined tower in Araumi.

Location: In the same underwater ruin as Elektroculus # 5. To do this, you have to clean a shrine and, in addition to the souvenir lens (world order “offering”), you also need a high level of electrogranum in order to penetrate the lightning barrier behind which the electroculus is located. You can see the exact way to get there in the video above.

Location: At the waterfall north of the Narukami Shrine.

Location: At the Holskisten northeast of the Narukami Shrine.

Location: Above one of the tori gates that lead to the Kamisato estate.

Location: Under the cliff rocks east of Kamisato Estate.


Location: At the top of the Narukami Shrine.

Location: Behind a lightning barrier halfway up the mountain with the Narukami shrine. You can summon an electrogranum on the small floating island in front of it. Note that you must have increased your electrogranum level before you can penetrate the barrier.

Location: Do you come by automatically in the course of the world mission “Yougou cleaning” and can only then collect it. Before that you have to complete all other quests of Kazari.

Location: Floats high in the air southwest of the Narukami Shrine. It’s best to slide down from there to the electroculus. Alternatively, you can throw yourself up with the lightning conductors underneath.

Location: At the waterfall south of the Narukami shrine.

Location: At the top of Yougou Mountain, just east of the Narukami Shrine.

Location: Directly above the large Tanuki statue north in the Chinju forest.

Location: At the abandoned shrine south of Yougou Mountain.

Location: At the waterhole west of the Chinju forest. You must first find the rusted key to open the gate behind which the electroculus is located.

Location: On a small rock by the river in the middle of the Chinju forest.

Location: Hovers very high in the air over the beach east of the Byakko fields. You can solve the three soul puzzles on the floor below to unlock an electrogranum, with the help of which you can hurl yourself upwards. It’s easier to slide there from the top of Narukami Shrine in the north, though.

Location: On the small rock in the water between Ritou and Konda village.

Location: Hovers in the air west of the coast of Konda Village. Use the electrogranum in front of it to throw you into the air via the lightning ladder.

Location: At the top of the flagpole in the village of Konda, from which the three fish hang.

Location: Can only be found during or after completing the quest “A Strange Story in Konda”. After you have descended into the well, you will find this electroculus in an adjoining room, which is covered by boxes. You can see the exact way there in the video.

Location: Can only be found during or after completing the quest “A Strange Story in Konda”. In the large cave area with the shrine at the bottom of the well, this electroculus floats in the air in an adjoining room. You can see the exact way there in the video.

Location: South in the Byakko fields on a rock around which a rope is tied. You have to climb the tree next to the rock and then slide over from the top to the electroculus.

Location: South on the island of Amakane, the Elektroculus floats in the air next to the sakura tree. You have to climb to the top of the tree and then slide over.

Location: Tucked under the land bridge on the most south-westerly island.

Location: A little below the surface of the water on the small island in the south. You have to throw yourself up the lightning ladder and then drop into the water. You have to reach a certain height so that the impact into the water is strong enough that you get the electroculus under the water.

Location: Under Inazuma Castle in the cave system. You can see the exact way in the video above.

Location: At the top of Inazuma Castle. You need the traveler’s geo-power to get the last piece onto the roof. You can see the complete climbing tour to the top in the video above.