Genshin Impact: Free Zelda Competition Launches Today

Genshin Impact is a new free co-op RPG that you can play starting today. Visually it is very reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but there are clear differences.


Genshin Impact: A Journey To Yourself

The Chinese development studio miHoYo calls the game an epic fantasy adventure. You take on the role of a traveler from another world, in search of yourself and with the task of reuniting the family.

Even though Genshin Impact and Zelda: Breath of the Wild have a similar style and both rely on an open world as well as dungeons and puzzles, they differ in some points.

The character system, for example, makes a clear difference. You control not just one character here, but several that you choose from more than 20 figures can choose. All of them have unique abilities, and miHoYo says more will be added later.

You can either plunge into the adventure as a single player or the Select co-op modeto defeat world bosses with up to three other players, complete dungeons and discover the big open world. The key is the seven elements that you must use to defeat stronger opponents or solve difficult puzzles.

Genshin Impact: Crossplay and Pay2Win?

Genshin Impact was released today across multiple platforms. You can choose between PC, PS4, Android and iOS. Crossplay is supported.

The co-op RPG is free, but provides one Item shop with cosmetic items and a gacha system available. This principle is similar to loot boxes, which unlock new characters and contain the most powerful weapons. Here, however, you will be given the exact probability of success.

At the beginning, however, there are gifts first. As a thank you for playing you will receive the veteran x1600, which you when reaching level 7 receive.

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