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When it became known that those responsible for From Software around developer legend Hidetaka Miyazaki had hired none other than fantasy author George RR Martin for the World Building of Elden Ring, the Souls fans were thrilled. But it turns out: Martin finished his work on the Elden Ring world years ago.

Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire (or for series enthusiasts: Game of Thrones) have been waiting for a sequel to the saga about Targaryens, Lannisters and Starks for ten years now. Author George RR Martin wanted to write two books, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. But how far the work has progressed is in the stars and probably only Martin knows himself. Why does it take so long until we can finally find out the “real” ending of A Song of Ice and Fire?

Martin’s collaboration on Elden Ring

Now, gamer fans might have assumed that Martin was holding up work on the new From Software title Elden Ring, which will be released on January 21, 2022. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, like Martin himself in an interview with the Local station WTTW reports (via VG247). It is more that the collaboration between Martin and the team of From legend Hidetaka Miyazaki was concluded “years ago”.

“My work on Elden Ring (buy now 59,99 € )“, so Martin,” was in principle completed a few years ago. These games are a bit like movies, it takes years to develop. “So Martin designed the world as commissioned, and then the people around Miyazaki took his material and designed Elden Ring around it. Now and then people show it From him a few monsters or effects, but that’s about it, says Martin.

Elden Ring: Trailer with gameplay and release date

Funfact: Rumor has it that Elden Ring is the further development of the Dark Souls series, but that Martin decided not to name the whole Dark Souls 4 in favor of Martin.

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