Ciri plays a big role in The Witcher, but her life story has numerous gaps. According to a CD Projekt RED employee, this could change in the next game.

CD Projekt RED had already confirmed that they would be working on another The Witcher game after Cyberpunk 2077 was released. So far, information on this has been scarce and it is still uncertain whether the focus will be on Geralt, Ciri or completely new characters.

In a conversation with VG247 The Witcher 3 writer revealed, however, that it is possible that the new game will follow the story of Ciri.

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The Witcher 4: finally more about character Ciri?

Ciri plays a major role in The Witcher trilogy and is a complex and strong character. When asked if it would be possible to focus on Ciri in The Witcher 4, story designer Jakub Szamalek replied:

"I regret that we haven't gotten to deepen Ciri's past a bit. She is such an astonishingly extensive and complex figure. "

So it is possible that we will learn more about Ciri in the future. The Witcher will probably not get along without Geralt and the other well-known characters. What would you think of it?