The WitcherCon from CD Project Red around the popular fantasy franchise has brought some interesting projects and information to light: For example, that Geralt’s rough voice in the series was not intended at all. Hardly anyone has complained about it. On the contrary: For many, the Witcher was still too quiet in the first season. Actor Henry Cavill explains in an interviewwhy he was so silent and promises that fans can look forward to a more talkative witcher for the second season.

The silent witcher in the first season was on purpose

Cavill emphasizes that he deliberately spoke little in the first season: “I purposely played like this in the first season. He [Geralt] was a lot in the wilderness, with little opportunity for rambling dialogue. I thought it would be better if he talked less so it seemed like he was thinking more. That was my intention. “

In the second season this should change: “But in the scenario of the second season he is in Kaer Morhen, his home, in the midst of the people he knows and in my opinion I should be verbose and intellectual because that is who he is . He’s not a ruffian. ” Cavill went on to explain that “it’s very easy to just slip into the grumpy snowman style, and that brings with it a certain comedy aspect. But for season two, I want to move away from that.”

In the further interview, Henry Cavill also goes into the relationship between Geralt and Ciri and chats about Yennefer and Vesemir. When asked if fans can look forward to more scenes in the bathtub, Cavill replied: “Personally, there won’t be any bathtub scenes from me, but people won’t be disappointed because there will be quite a bit of bare skin to see again . “

The second season of the Netflix series is due to appear in December. If you can’t get through everyday life without the Witcher by then, you can immerse yourself again in the famous game world of The Witcher 3. This is due to receive a free DLC this year, which is based on the same Netflix series.

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