Get N'lyeth, the Shard of N'Zoth! (Guide)

Collectors come in WoW Patch 8.3 (buy now for € 34.99) Get your money's worth: mounts, battle pets and toys are in abundance with the update. Today, however, we are devoting ourselves to a very special item, namely N'lyeth, the shard of N'Zoth. We explain to you based on an article by Vanionhow you can incorporate this dagger into your collection and why you shouldn't miss it.

The N'lyeth Dagger, N'Zoth Shard – General Info

N'lyeth originally served as an instrument of sacrifice in the context of malicious rituals. Those who want to decorate themselves with the artifacts of the Old God in addition to the eye of N'Zoth can secure the dagger as part of a special quest series and thus do some mischief.

The principle behind the acquisition of the dagger: you have to betray your own faction and virtually take the side of N'Zoth. If you have completed the associated quest line and received the dagger, you can take advantage of its special properties:

  • If you activate the dagger, you turn into one Servant of N'Zoth, The effect lasts for an hour and tentacles your character. You can also attack players from your own faction (more on that later).
  • As a servant of N'Zoth, you speak the language of the Old Gods, Shath'yar. In addition, your faction's NPCs are neutral towards you and you cannot interact with them.
  • If you, as a servant of N'Zoth, attack other players near guarded bases, the guards react aggressively to you.
  • The enemies in Uldum and the Valley of Eternal Blossoms during the assaults are neutral towards you as long as you identify yourself as a servant of N'Zoth (except the worms from the afterlife).
  • All players you kill as servants of N'Zoth grant you honor or honorable victories.

How to get the dagger N'lyeth, splinter from N'Zoth

To bag N'lyeth, the N'Zoth Shard, you first have to buff "Horde assassins"or"Alliance bombers"To do this, you kill ten players of the opposing faction without activating the temporal while the war mode is activated. Then you get the quest Servant of N'Zoth (Horde) respectively Servant of N'Zoth (Alliance).

Now the real fun really starts: If you accept the quest, an unknown entity (* cough * N'Zoth * cough *) will carry the dagger N'lyeth, Shard of N'Zoth in your inventory. Your task now is to use the dagger to kill ten members of your own faction. To do this, right-click to activate the dagger to transform yourself into a servant of N'Zoth.

But keep two things in mind:

  • You take 60 percent of your total health damage as soon as you activate the dagger.
  • If you kill another player as a servant of N'Zoth, the latter gets the debuff N'Zoth sacrificed, As a result, he grants no progress to the N'Zoth quest servants for ten minutes.

What makes the quest even more difficult: As with the Horde or Alliance attackers, you must not die before you have killed all ten players of your own faction. If you die anyway, N'lyeth will disappear, the N'Zoth Shard will be removed from your inventory and the quest will automatically fail. In order to be able to accept them again, you first have to find yourself again as a Horde or Alliance bomber (see above).

You notice: The quest Servant of N'Zoth demands a lot of skill and patience. The effort is worth it, however, because for completing the quest you will receive 150 points and N'lyeth, Shard of N'Zoth as a toy that you can use to transform yourself into a servant of N'Zoth. Finally, there is heroic deed Servant of N'Zoth and the title Servant of N'Zoth as a reward on top.

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