Get Terrakium, forget Viridium and Kobalium

from Susanne Braun
The Knights of Righteousness are off in Pokémon Go! After Kobalium Terrakium is now in the Tier 5 raids and it is only a matter of time until Viridium can be seen. Which of the legendary Pokémon do you want to grab for which occasion? We will give you information about it!

For some time Pokémon Go has been the first member of the Generation 5 Righteousness Defender: Kobalium is making the Tier 5 Raids of Niantic's AR game uncertain until 10pm on November 26, 2019. Thereafter, it will be replaced by Terrakium, which will be available until December 17, 2019, at 10pm. And it does not take a lot of clairvoyant skills to say that Viridium will follow after that. But in which area are the Knights of Righteousness best used? Are they good for raid fights or are they better suited for players who prefer the trainer fights? Or are they really useless? This question has been asked by the authors of Pokémon Go Hub and we report below on their findings.

First of all, let's take a look at the basic values ​​of the legendary Einall trio. Kobalium can reach a maximum of 3,022 CP and is equipped by the basic values ​​with 192 attack, 229 defense and 209 points endurance – with Viridium it is the same way. Only Terrakium offers a lower defensive value (192) at a maximum of 3,698, but an attack value of 260. This in turn means that Terrakium alone is the strongest member of the trio and lands on the list of the best PvE attackers just behind Rameidon ,

The skills that Kobalium, Terracia, and Viridium possess are similar in that the honest knights share at least one type, namely, combat. The following skills can be provided by the legendary Pokémon:

  • Kobalium: Metal Claw (Steel) or Zen Headbutt (Psycho) as Instant Attack, Iron Skull (Steel), Melee (Combat) or Stone Edge (Rock) as a Charge Attack
  • Terrakion: Catapult or Zen Headbutt (Psycho) as Instant Attack, Melee (Combat), Stone Heap (Rock) or Earthquake (Ground) as a Charge Attack
  • Viridium: Backstroke (Normal) or Zen Headbutt (Psycho) as Instant Attack, Melee (Combat), Deciduous Blade (Plant), or Stone Rim (Rock) as a Charge Attack

At this point, too, Terrakium is in the lead, because the combination of the attacks catapult (instant attack) and stone hail (load attack) is the best of the type of rock on paper. In contrast, Kobalium Steel Combo stinks of metal claw and iron skull, and Viridium has not even gotten a Sofortattacke, which is the type of plant associated. However, Laubklinge is after all a very suitable Ladeattacke for trainer fights.

In raids and arena battles Terrakium only plays a role because it counts as already mentioned as the second strongest rock attackers. With Terrakium now in the tier 5 raids, the raid-loving coaches will surely want to grab a few good ones among the fans of Pokémon Go. Both Kobalium and Viridium are not an attractive option.

As for the coaching fights, according to the data of PvPokeNone of the Knights of Righteousness matter much, except for Viridium with a leaf blade in the Hyperliga, though it is also weaker than Meganie or Bisaflor with Flora Statue. The conclusion is not really outstanding. Those of you who would like to have a strong PvE rock fighter will be looking for strong Terraces in the Raids until December 17th. Trainer fight supporters will have to be patient in this regard, because Viridium comes after 17 December 2019 in the raids.

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