The "PS Plus" subscription celebrates its tenth anniversary and Sony, like every month, provides you with two free games for the PS4. But for July the publisher has other special surprises in store for you.

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PS Plus games: There are 3 PS4 games in July

Last month Sony hit the mark with the free games and donated two popular AAA titles for July. From the July 07 you can download the following PS4 games for free:

But these two games are not enough, to celebrate PS Plus' tenth anniversary, Sony is giving you one more another free game for your library:

With these three free games you have a harmonious mix of Action, thriller and sports simulation. You can also sign up to celebrate the anniversary and participation in PS Plus Design for your PS4 to back up. But you should be quick, because this PS4 theme will only be available for a short time in the PS store. It will be available to you over the next week.

From July 4, 12:00 p.m. to July 5, 11:59 p.m. interested parties also have the opportunity to free online multiplayer weekend to use.

If you like the games and offers for July, but you don't yet have a "PS Plus" subscription, you can take out a one-month membership for 8.99 euros (via Amazon). If you want to bag the biggest savings, you can get a one-year membership for 59.99 euros (via Amazon).

Do you want to expand your game library even further? Then take a look at the PS Store and discover the huge selection of PS4 games:

PlayStation has hit the jackpot for the anniversary and is tremendously rewarding “PS Plus” subscribers. If you have not already done so, you can continue until July 7th Last month's PS4 games dust off.

With this picture series you can get in the mood for the PS5 and the upcoming games:

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What do you think of the "PS Plus" games for July? And are you happy about the additional surprises for the anniversary? How long have you been a "PS Plus" subscriber? Feel free to write us your opinions in the comments.

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