Get these special skins

Fortnite recently released the latest update 11.50. This brings with it a new crossover and a Valentine's Day event. In keeping with the release of Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn also stops by at the co-op survival game.

Already in January teaste the official Fortnite Twitter account with an event Harley Quinn and now it is known what exactly it is. Just in time for the cinema release of Birds of Prey, a spin-off too Suicide Squad, the girl with the colorful braids becomes part of Fortnite.

Are planned thematic skins, challenges and a time-limited game modewhere you can unlock the skins for Harley. This includes placing in the top 10, 20 and 30 in the modes Solo, Duo or Trupps. An exposed leak from Lucas7yoshi, who shared a picture on Twitter, already reveals what the skins look like:

So you can find them all.

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Fortnite: the love & war event

This also starts on Valentine's Day Love & war event, As you know, everything is allowed in love and war, so you can really let yourself go at the event. The goal is the LTM Search and destroy to play and get you a free by completing challenges pickaxe, on emote as well as a paintwork to secure. You should also keep an eye on the shop, because there are some outfits on the event theme waiting for you.

Lots of new content for Fortnite players and fans of DC comics. Are you excited about Harley Quinn skins? Are you going to get them? Let us know in the comments!