For Prime Day 2020, Amazon really lets it go and gives customers up to 65 euros in shopping credit. We'll tell you how to get the money.

Amazon gives you up to 65 euros credit: This is how you get the money

Amazon customers have been waiting for a long time, now it's finally official: Prime Day, postponed due to Corona, will take place on October 13th and 14th, 2020, with over a million offers, exclusively for Prime members. If you don't have a membership yet, you can test Prime for 30 days free of charge and simply cancel it after Prime Day with just a few clicks.

Prime customers can dust off up to 65 euros in advance, as three campaigns are currently running in parallel:

Amazon gives you 10 euros for Prime Day

Anyone who purchases at selected marketplace retailers for at least 10 euros up to and including October 12 will receive from Amazon 10 euros free of charge. This can be used for almost all Amazon products on Prime Day. This does not include alcohol, Amazon gift cards, subscriptions, taxes, shipping costs, books, gift wrapping fees, or Prime Now orders. You can read all other conditions of participation here.

Amazon customers shouldn't find it difficult to find marketplace items for 10 euros, because the selection is huge and includes many bestsellers.

Find out in the video how you can save even more on Prime Day:

Amazon campaign to support marketplace retailers in the Corona crisis

With this campaign, the online giant wants according to his own statement help small and medium-sized businesses:

Amazon is stepping up its commitment to small and medium-sized companies, which are supported on Prime Day with the largest small business sponsorship ever. From today until October 12, Prime members who buy products from selected small and medium-sized local sales partners at for at least 10 euros will receive 10 euros of credit that they can use on Prime Day. For this year's Prime Day and during the Christmas season, Amazon is supporting small and medium-sized companies from all over the world with over 85 million euros for advertising their products. Although this year has been particularly challenging for many small and medium-sized businesses, selling on Amazon enables hundreds of thousands of these companies to maintain and even expand their businesses through the Corona crisis.

In addition to this Prime-exclusive promotion, other offers have already started. For example, you will receive an additional 50 euros instead of 40 euros if you opt for the Amazon credit card. In addition, Amazon lets jump another 5 euros if you install the Amazon Assistant.

Monika Mackowiak
Monika Mackowiak, GIGA expert.

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