Ghost of Tsushima: Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus as inspiration – topical for games

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The developers at Sucker Punch revealed in an interview that games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus have inspired Ghost of Tsushima. The game world will also play an important role in the upcoming PS4 title.

Last week the Sucker Punch team showed off new material from Ghost of Tsushima that will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on July 17, 2020. It is arguably the last major Sony first party title for the console. Several interviews with individual developers have also been published in the past few days. Here are some interesting things about the development of Ghost of Tsushima.

Creative director Jason Connell, for example, revealed that the team gathered a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus for Ghost of Tsushima. Things like immersion play an important role for the developers of Ghost of Tsushima. Among other things, the game does without traditional markings for quests and other things. The animals are mainly present this time for the liveliness of the game world in Ghost of Tsushima. The player is therefore not forced to shoot animals for special resources or other things. In our preview we already took a detailed look at the game.

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