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from André Linken
How long does it take to complete the action adventure Ghost of Tsushima? There is now an answer to that. As the responsible creative director Nate Fox revealed in an interview, you have to calculate with between 30 and 50 hours. However, that depends on how you play.

In the past weeks and months, the development studio Sucker Punch has emphasized several times that the scope of the action adventure Ghost of Tsushima will be enormous. But how long will it take to play it through from start to finish? The responsible creative director Nate Fox recently gave an answer.

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In an interview with Voxel magazine, Fox said that it could take an average of 30 to 50 hours to finish Ghost of Tsushima (buy now for 69.99 €) sees. However, that depends very much on the individual style of play. Those who only follow the main story as part of the campaign will reach the final much faster than those players who would take more time to explore the huge world. Fox once again encourages players to keep their eyes peeled off the primary path.

"I strongly recommend that all players leave the main path and get lost on Tsushima Island. There is a lot to discover there. (…) Tsushima Island encompasses the landscapes that you can find on the mainland of Japan. That ranges from snow-capped mountains to bamboo forests, waterfalls and extensive grasslands. All of that is there. We want to offer enough material to keep it interesting for the player. "

We'll know how well this all works from July 17, 2020, when Ghosts of Tsushima will appear exclusively for PlayStation 4 after a short delay.

Source: Voxel

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