Ghost of Tsushima: Fights against samurai are extremely difficult – game-relevant

from Andreas Bertits
With the action adventure Ghost of Tsushima, a difficult gaming experience awaits you, as the developers reveal. The struggles against samurai should be tough.

Game Director Nate Fox of Sucker Punch explains that it is Ghost of Tsushima is not a simple game, on the contrary.

Elements of Soulsborne games

Nate Fox says, "We're trying to make a grounded game, so a few blows from the enemy will kill you. We saw samurai movies and people went down with a bludge or two and that's embedded in the fight. It it will be hard to beat the Mongols in battle, but it is this challenge that makes it alive and rewards victory. You cannot just run to a camp and fight five people at the same time, you will be overwhelmed and die. "

The fights against trained samurai are supposed to be in Ghost of Tsushima (buy now for 69.99 €) make you sweat. Here, Creative and Art Director Jason Connell adds: "One thing we didn't show at the State of Play, but what I wished for was that the game offer duels against other seasoned swordsmen. It's classic samurai stuff. This Fights are incredibly difficult, and they are personality driven and solved in the most cinematic way, which is also fantasy. You have to watch your opponent and understand how he attacks to win. "

So Ghost of Tsushima gets some elements that are known from Soulsborne games like Dark Souls or Nioh. We will find out exactly how this happens on July 17, when the action adventure is released exclusively for the PS4.

Source: DualShockers

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