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Find all 19 haiku locations in Ghost of Tsushima: Our tips on where to find the wonderful panoramas. You make a poem and receive a headband. It is up to you which verses you choose and put together to form a short haiku. The headband as a reward is always the same. In general, the headbands have no playful purpose. As soon as you find all 19 haiku locations, you unlock the PS4 trophy body, mind and soul.

Find all 19 haiku locations in Ghost of Tsushima: We offer you tips on all locations for the atmospheric three-liner in the PS4 adventure. We have marked the locations on maps of the game world for you. Once you have reached a place for a haiku, take a seat and ponder the relevant topic in the famous Japanese poem form. You look at the points in the area and then choose a verse for each of the three lines according to your taste. Which text modules you put together is entirely up to you.

You will receive the reward in the form of a headband for your Ghost of Tsushima hero Jin Sakai in any case. Unfortunately, the headband does not offer a playful advantage in the PlayStation 4 adventure. So you use the headbands for purely fashionable purposes. As soon as you have found all haiku locations on the three parts of the island Izuhara, Toyotama and Kamiagata, you switch the PS4 trophy body, mind and soul free. Warning: In the second part of the island Toyotama you grab three haikus in three quests instead of in the game world.

The two main quests are ghosts of the past as well The story of Prince Shimura you do anyway. The side quest The proud are not permanent you do for Yuriko after you Ghosts of the past have completed. The rest of the Haiku localities can also be found in the open world after the end of the game, provided you want to win the PS4 trophy. We recommend our tips section on Ghost of Tsushima to you. Here you will find a beginner's guide, tips on Jin Sakai's skills and other collectibles.

Ghost of Tsushima: Find all haikus – Izuhara

In the first part of the island you will find eight haiku locations where Jin Sakai wrote a three-liner. You simply visit the marked locations on the following map section from Izuhara.

Overview of all haikus in the first part of the island

Overview of all haikus in the first part of the island

Source: via Interactive map

Ghost of Tsushima: Find all haikus – Toyotama and Kamiagata

The rest of the haikus can be found on Toyotama and Kamiagata. You should note that in the second section three of the haikus are unlocked during quests.

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All haikus in the other parts of the island of Tsushima.

All haikus in the other parts of the island of Tsushima.

Source: via Interactive map

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