Ghost of Tsushima: Multiplayer is definitely conceivable for the future – game updates

from Andreas Bertits
The action adventure Ghost of Tsushima is a pure single-player game and a great success for Sony and the developer Sucker Punch. However, the future of the brand could also bring multiplayer elements.

The development studio Sucker Punch wanted to join Ghost of Tsushima tell an exciting story. The action adventure game is a single player game. However, it doesn't always have to stay that way.

Does Jin have friends?

"We've always been very focused on telling this one story about Jin's transformation. It's inherently a single player experience. But who knows what the future holds?" Said Sucker Punch's game director, Nate Fox, in an interview.

This could mean maybe a multiplayer DLC for Ghost of Tsushima (buy now for € 224.19) or that we see a multiplayer mode in a potential sequel. Perhaps then you are no longer traveling alone in the open world, but can invite joy to you to complete certain missions together. Or you can compete against other players in special arenas to find out who the most powerful samurai is.

Nate Fox did not reveal what a multiplayer mode for the future of Ghost of Tsushima could look like. However, it seems that the developers in the studio are thinking about how a multiplayer experience could be incorporated into Ghost of Tsushima.

It would be important that Ghost of Tsushima still retains its core elements: The exploration of a spacious, open game world, an exciting combat system and a wonderful atmosphere. It is unlikely that we will get a pure multiplayer game. It is always problematic to change a series of games that has successfully established itself as a single-player title so drastically. Fans often don't take part, as the prominent example Fallout 76 shows.

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