Ghost of Tsushima: Update 1.06 for download

from David Martin
Sucker Punch has released the Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.06 for download. In a current Reddit thread, the developers announce the patch notes for the new update. The list of changes and innovations includes, for example, improvements to the costumes of travelers – new graphical and audible cues have been added to make it easier to track down collectibles in the vicinity. You can find out which new features are included in Patch 1.06 for Ghost of Tsushima in the article.

Ghost of Tsushima players will have access to update 1.06. The approximately 1.7 gigabyte patch is available for download from PSN for PS4. over Sucker Punch has released the patch notes with the changes and innovations. For example, the costume of the travelers gets an optimization, with which you can find nearby collectibles. According to the developers, the function was improved with update 1.06. The update adds new visual and audible cues that draw attention to collectibles in the immediate vicinity.

The notes can supplement or replace the controller vibrations to provide a better and more accessible experience. From now on you will receive both graphical and audible information if there is a collectible near you. Especially players with physical limitations should welcome the new feature. The Ghost of Tshushima Update 1.06 also contains various bug fixes. With the patch, the developers fix a problem that caused a black screen in some missions.

In addition, the function for larger fonts has been improved so that all text overlays are actually enlarged. In addition, completing missions in Yarikawa should now work smoothly. The update is rounded off by crash fixes that are not specified. Check out our tips section to find helpful guides and solutions for Ghost of Tsushima. There you can find out, for example, where all the Mongolian outposts and all 19 haikus are located.

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