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Ubisoft has announced the release date for episode 3 of the tactical shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The update should appear on September 15, 2020 and, among other things, introduce a new class into the game.

Not only the players of The Division 2, but also the fans of the tactical shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint can look forward to new supplies soon. As the responsible developer studio announced during the online event "Ubisoft Forward", episode 3 or the extensive update 3.0.0 should appear on September 15, 2020 – that is, next Tuesday.

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Among other things, you can expect new missions in the context of "Operation: Red Patriot", in which it is the job of Nomad to eliminate the agents of a Russian separatist group – the Bordarks. Several approaches are available to you in this new operation, which show up in a branching storyline. In addition, for holders of the Year 1 Pass of Ghost Recon Breakpoint a (buy now € 14.39 ) On September 15th a new class to choose from with the Boy Scout – all other players have to be patient for an extra week. This class can, among other things, control a rogue Azrael drone and is able to identify tactical depots and use high-tech thermal vision. Furthermore, more than 65 additional items are planned for Maria's shop. Here is the overview of the innovations:

  • Operation: Red Patriot begins when Trey Stone asks Raven's Rocks a Russian separatist group and its agents, the Bodarks, to plan attacks on US soil. Nomad is assigned a simple mission: take down the Bodarks and everyone involved in Stone's plan. The operation features a ramified storyline and optional mission objectives for a variety of approaches. All players get access to two free missions and can buy the whole operation afterwards. Year 1 Pass holders get the full 10 missions of the Operation for free. Once the missions are completed, players will be able to unlock 26 high quality rewards.
  • A new class, with a week-long exclusivity for Year 1 Pass holders, will be released on September 15th: The Pathfinder class lets players control a rogue Azrael Drone through its special ability, Armaro's Interface. Its special equipment, the uplink protocol, fills up the special skills display of the boy scout and can only be found in well-hidden tactical depots, together with other high-quality loot. The passive skills include the identification of tactical depots, which allows the player to highlight boxes; Scouting, which gives the players a high-tech thermal viewing device, and Wild Metabolism, which means that rations last longer and better.
  • PvP updates bring a new map, three new missions and adjustments for the Boy Scout class. The new PvP milestones are linked to the Boy Scout class and offer two exclusive rewards for achievements.

Source: Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Trailer for the new "Operation Red Patriot"

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