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Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street is currently not only working on the new League of Legends MMO, but is also spending a lot of time in WoW again. He gives his opinion on it at irregular intervals via Twitter. Today he reveals his experiences and assessments for healing in the raid, after having previously over seven! Years of raid break.

Anyone who has been playing WoW for some time and has not lived under a stone in Tanaris knows the name Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street. The former Blizzard developer is now working for Riot and is building an upcoming League of Legends MMO there, which could be one reason why he is currently playing WoW more and more closely with the mechanics of the game. As you know him, he doesn’t keep his opinions and assessments behind the mountain, but gets them out unfiltered via Twitter. However, he always remains factual and halfway objective, which is known to not succeed in everyone on social media.

In his most recent tweet, he talked about healing and what it means in his seven! Years ago raid break did so. And that he doesn't really like it all. We have summarized the statements from Ghostcrawler for you, below you can read the individual tweets for yourself.

  • Ghostcrawler just wants to give his opinion on how healing feels for him after a seven-year hiatus.
  • He doesn't want to explain to others what is right and what is wrong. In any case, most players would orient themselves to the top raiders anyway, which he personally considers to be a mistake for several reasons.
  • The top players either use every little trick to get by with poor equipment – or they already have everything on farm status and no longer take it seriously. So you shouldn't always attach so much importance to what you see in the streams.
  • He himself plays with a group of game developers, which is why they have more fun trying things out during a fight than excessive preparation beforehand.
  • He's also more of a healer who doesn't want to let his buddies down than an ambitious Mythic healer or the like.
  • Ghostcrawler himself plays holy priest, although discipline is also fun. The design of the Legendary system, however, urges him to focus mainly on one style of play.
  • He doesn't like that very much, because the other specs also have cool effects and legendaries.
  • Instead of using different healing spells depending on the situation, he now has a whole range of cooldown abilities that are used when they're ready.
  • That doesn't feel very satisfying. As a healer, he currently has no major decisions to make regarding the spell being used. No more healing vs. flash healing or the like.
  • His healing performance improved a lot when he stopped saving large cooldowns like God's Anthem for emergencies.
  • He is used to using such spells for emergencies, whereas today they can and should be used several times per fight without any problems.
  • He also noticed again that as a healer you often forget to heal yourself. It is usually always the right decision to keep yourself alive and rather let one of the damage distributors die.
  • Moving the raid frame to the lower center of the interface helped him tremendously to keep everything in view.
  • Especially since there are so many more things to watch out for as a player today.
  • Although Ghostcrawler was never a fan of addons, he now has a few that help him keep track of certain things.

The opinion of Ghostcrawler is a subjective assessment of an experienced gamer. Due to his background as a developer, his view is quite interesting. On the one hand, it clearly shows the differences between the past and the present. On the other hand, it can possibly give a foretaste of what awaits us in an upcoming LoL MMO. Because things that Ghostcrawler in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) criticized, he is unlikely to implement it in his new project.



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