Giant Heist on the Diamond Casino starts soon

Fans have long been asking for more heists in GTA Online and finally it's time. The new robbery also takes place on the Diamond Casino.

If you do not want to recoup the gambled money in the casino of GTA Online, you can get the money back soon. Rockstar announced for December 12, 2019 "The greatest heist Los Santos has ever seen" on.

"Get ready for the biggest, boldest and most complex criminal operation that ever hit Los Santos. The Diamond Casino Heist – starting December 12th in GTA Online. "

Rockstar promises a complex heist whose course changes during the operation through your decisions and can lead to the most diverse results, This should provide a high replay value and even if all your plans dissolve, it should still be possible to finish the Heist without firing a single shot. There should also be more opportunities than ever before in the overall preparation. It's probably not enough just to watch the Ocean's movies again.

Experienced crew leaders can purchase a retro arcade where the operation can be planned and rehearsed and trained.

So dig up your money in GTA Online until December 12, 2019, because a raid on a casino is the same as a visit: no bet, no win.

Do you still need an escape vehicle?

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The last heist for GTA Online has been around for a while, and the raid on the Diamond Casino is a gangster clich̩. Do you fancy the setting or do not you care what you are attacking Рmainly new content?