There are bugs in games that are just annoying, but some glitches are really funny. For example, when Spidey turns into a stone or a refrigerator in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Spider-Man as a quick-change artist

In addition to Spider-Man and Spider-Pig, there are now also Spider-Brick (a stone), Spider-Fridge (a refrigerator) and Spider-Lamp (a street lamp). Because in the action game Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the friendly spider from the neighborhood suddenly turns into an object thanks to a glitch. Player Rob Sheridan reports that he collided with the wall of a house during a side mission and suddenly continued playing as a brick. So he tried to start a fight, but this turned the stone into a white square and crashed the game.

Other players report suddenly playing as a street lamp and refrigerator. How this glitch came about is unclear. However, players are currently enjoying this problem. But it should only occur very rarely. But that doesn't stop the community from finding out how this bug came about so that it can also swing through the streets as an object. The development team at Insomniac Games has not yet commented on this glitch. As a result, there is no patch yet. So if you want to try out for yourself what it's like to play as a Spider-Brick, Spider-Fridge or Spider-Lamp, then you still have the chance now. You just have to be patient, because as already mentioned, this is a fairly rare bug.

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Source: CBR / Techeblog / Reddit

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