Glitch wiped out an entire squad in seconds

Glitches are either deadly or amusing in the game. Both are true for a squad in Fortnite, but the players take it with humor and have learned something from it.

Since Fortnite's release, players have seen numerous bugs and glitches. Since the second season started, these seem to have been increasing. While some of them are annoying, you sometimes have something to laugh about.

For example, this is the case with Fortnite players Nozza123who released a clip on Reddit from the moment that just wiped out his entire squad.

Good thing there is plenty of solid land under your feet in the game. You can also find some interesting things.

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"After all, we now know that you should never build in front of boats!"

Fortnite isn't just about walking. Since the start of the second season, one can Motorboat occasionally help to move faster and overcome large bodies of water. The said Squad also had the idea, which celebrated properly on the boat until it arrived on the other side. A player in the group was then in a particularly hurry and built stairs, which turned out to be a big mistake.

Instead of being able to continue marching directly, the boat crashed into the obstacle and three players died on the spot. The fourth survived for the time being and still tried that floating items to secure – but then had to give up the water. They definitely drove this match against the wall * badabumtssss *.

Well at least we now know never to build in front of boats! from r / FortNiteBR

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Have you already experienced this glitch? What are your experiences with bugs in Fortnite? Tell us in the comments.

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