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A bug is currently causing gamemasters who restore legendary blanks to leave 175s behind for players. These items are useless for forging legendarys. At the moment, players are still waiting for the answer to the ticket, while others are already putting these admittedly rare (but useless) items in the auction house.

Icy-veins had the opportunity to speak to a player who recently received a truly unique item in WoW Shadowlands that no other player has access to. WheelsOfJustice accidentally received the following item from a GM.

WoW: GM bug creates unique items that appear in the AH (2)

WoW: GM bug creates unique items that appear in the AH (2)

Source: WheelsOfJustice

This is a Legendary blank. But with item level 175 these cannot actually be produced at all, which makes it unique. Actually wanted to WheelsOfJustice the effect Summoner's joy on a shoulder blank with item level 210, but later noticed that the helmet slot would be better for him.

Fortunately, he found the right gamemaster who gave him the blank and the soul ashes. Well, not exactly. Because the implementation of the GM was not entirely flawless. In addition to the missing soul ash, the player received the 175 item, which of course is not recognized by the rune cutter. He also received his legendary template for Summoner's joy back, which then bugged the overview of the templates in the adventure guide.

This error has now occurred with several players. While the display for the template collection is displayed correctly again, many players are waiting for their tickets to be answered. Some put their (reasonably) unique 175 blanks in the auction house. If you should see them in the AH, don't buy them! As I said, these items are quite rare, but useless for forging legendary Shadowlands items. Legendary items start at item level 210.


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