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Apparently, the GMs in WoW are no longer content with whispering messages to expose potential bots in action, but simply knock them down with a death-touch. Then they keep an eye on how those killed react in order to find out whether they are actually bots. This is at least indicated by the screenshots that appear.

Bot have been a major annoyance for many players since WoW was launched more than 15 years ago. This creates chaos in the economy or gives players successes they really don't deserve. And as long as there have been bots, the developers have been fighting against them. However, recognizing bots is not always easy, which is why the devs have come up with a few methods over the years to uncover the AI-controlled characters. For a long time, the first and easiest step was to simply whisper to potential bots and see if they answered. And even in Classic times, suspicious players were simply ported to a place a few meters away and you looked at their reaction to it. But that is apparently no longer enough for the GMs.

Because on reddit, the report of a player has now appeared, apparently by a GM via Deathtouch was killed while farming herbs. But he himself was apparently just collateral damage. Because according to his own statement, there were a lot of farm bots in the area, which he came very close to and which apparently fell dead just as quickly and as if from nowhere. Of course, there were immediate discussions about whether there could be other reasons why various characters were sent by a GM Deathtouch should be wiped out and Blizzard has not confirmed that their GMs should or should do so.

Most players are obviously in agreement and find any measures against the unloved botter good and are less happy about every automated character in the game.

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