God of War 5 or new sci-fi game? Open questions about job offers

from Dominik Zwingmann
Current job openings at Sony Santa Monica's developer studio may suggest that a successor to God of War will appear earlier than expected. Accordingly, the team is currently looking for a new lead writer. However, the description of the position makes it clear that this is a new project, which in turn indicates that work on the God of War 5 is likely to be well advanced.

Even though a successor to God of War, published in 2018, has not yet been officially confirmed by the Sony Santa Monica team, there have been hints in recent months – including from Game Director Cory Barlog – that a sequel to the title is in development could. New job offers have now appeared on the studio's website, which leave the impression that the release of the next God of War may be closer than previously thought.

Accordingly, Sony Santa Monica is currently looking for one Lead writer as well as one Technical Art Lead for an obviously new project. The name of a game is not mentioned here. Above all, the description for the position of the author makes it clear that it is a completely new story. The developer studio could possibly start with the development of the next big project, which only works if the remaining resources become free. Hence the hope that God of War 5 will be announced soon.

The God of War PS4 reboot was written by Cory Barlog, Matt Sophos and Richard Gaubert. It is unlikely that the team of authors will be expanded by another member. In April 2018, Barlog revealed that his team had more than enough ideas for other parts of God of War. Some claim that this might be a Sony Santa Monica sci-fi IP that was discontinued in 2015. Rumors of a revival of the project were also recently mysterious as Cory Barlog on Twitter Tweet shared with the world.

God of War was released on April 20, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4. The development is said to have taken about five years. However, the team spent a lot of time with the engine in advance. A potential successor would very likely appear for PlayStation 5.

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