God of War director wants to remake Silent Hill

There are some games that deserve a sequel. So also the game series Silent Hill, whose original trilogy is a good example of successful horror games. The God of War director obviously sees it that way too, because he would like to make another game a franchise.

For the numerous fans, Silent Hill is one of the best psychological horror games in history and deserves a good successor. The only promising thing in recent years has been one mysterious demo called P.T., however, this project was put on hold due to discrepancies between Konami and Hideo Kojima.

Since then, there have been numerous rumors about a new part, but nothing more came of it. However, if God of War director Cory Barlog went it would change quickly.

As long as there is no new Silent Hill game, you may be interested.

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Silent Hill is quiet

But where does the news come from that Barlog is interested in a successor? GameSpot recently posted the question on Twitter which of the four specified games should get a remaster. There was a choice Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal, Silent Hill and Xenogears.

While many spoke in favor of Xenogears in the comments, Cory Barlog answered firmly and briefly:

"Silent Hill. And let me do it."

Thanks to his previous experience and great work, including with God of War, he would be a candidate who could successfully remaster Silent Hill, or what do you think? Which game would you have chosen? Let us know in the comments.